Premade AAV Viruses

Premade AAV vectors  are a convenient solution for researchers who need to perform gene delivery experiments, such as gene therapy, gene editing, and gene regulation.  The premade AAV vectors in AAVnerGene are available in various serotypes, promoters, and reporters/transgenes, allowing researchers to choose the most suitable vector for their specific research application. Over a thousand of known serotypes of AAV vectors provide customer tools for quickly determination of the AAV vector specificity for different types of cells, while multiple promoters with reporter genes make it easy to determine and tracking the level and timing of a specific gene expression.

To ensure high-quality and pure products, AAVnerGene uses various assays to assess the quality and purity of their pre-made AAV vectors. These assays include qPCR titer targeting the transgenes to determine the concentration of AAV particles carrying the desired transgene, endotoxin testing to determine the level of bacterial contamination, SDS-PAGE gel to determine the purity of the AAV particles, and infectivity assays to determine the efficiency of the AAV particles in transducing target cells. These high purity and high quality of premade AAV vectors provide customer advantages such as less optimization, less labor and expertise required, and helps to ensure reliable and consistent results. They can be used for both in vitro and in vivo applications.

AAVnerGene offers a variety of pre-made AAV vectors with combination of different genome types(ssAAV or scAAV), serotypes(over 1000), promoters (CAG, CMV, EF1a, hSyn, GFAP, NSE, CaMKII, etc), fluorescent proteins (EGFP, mCherry, TdTomato) and reporters (Gluc, Cluc, Fluc, Rluc). The vectors can be purchased individually, or as part of a testing kit. AAVnerGene also provide custom AAV design and package services and can produce any known serotypes or variants.

AAV by Genomes Single strand AAV(ssAAV) and self-complementary AAV(scAAV)
AAV by Promoters CMV, CAG, EF1a, hSyn, NSE, CaMKII, GFAP, etc
AAV by Reporters EGFP, mCherry, TdTomato, Cre, Gluc, Cluc, Fluc, Rluc, etc
AAV by Serotypes More 1000 different serotypes, engineering capsids and variants

AAVnerGene offers high quality, short turnaround, high efficiency custom AAV packaging services with our unique single plasmid AAV production system(AAVone), dual plasmid AAV production system(AAVdual) or improved Triple Plasmid System with mini-pHelper.

Empty AAV Particles   Truly-empty AAV particles and byproduct-empty AAV particles
AAV Serotype Testing  Kits   Including 16 common AAV serotypes(AAV1, AAV2, AAV3B, AAV5, AAV6, AAV7, AAV8, AAV9, AAV10, AAV11, AAV12, AAV13, AAVDJ, AAVrh.10, AAVrh74, AAV2-retro), with different promoters and reporters to be choose.
AAV Capsid  Libraries(I) Known AAV capsid libraries to evaluate AAV variants for targeting different tissues, such as Brain, BBB, Retina, Lung, Muscle, Liver, etc.
AAV Capsid  Library(II)  High complexity(>1e9)  random insert peptide AAV libraries  to evolute novel AAV capsids, with different AAV serotype templates, insert regions(VR-IV and VR-VIII) and Insert lengths(NNK7~NNK12)

AAVnerGene offers high quality, short turnaround, custom AAV Serotype Testing Kits, AAV Capsid Library(I) and AAV Capsid Library(II) constructionproduction and evolution services.