List of AAV capsids

A multitude of AAV capsids have been documented, encompassing widely recognized AAV serotypes (AAV1-13), as well as custom-engineered capsids and naturally occurring capsids isolated from various species such as humans and monkeys. These diverse AAV serotypes offer distinct tropisms tailored for specific cells, both in laboratory settings (in vitro) and within living organisms (in vivo). To achieve your specific research objectives, it is imperative for researchers to carefully select the optimal AAV capsids that align with the requirements of their projects.

1. Native AAV Serotypes: 

  • AAV1, AAV2, AAV3B,  AAV4, AAV5, AAV6, AAV7, AAV8, AAV9, AAV10, AAV11, AAV12, AAV13

2. AAV Isolated from Human: 

  • Isolation AAV-Hu.1, AAV-Hu.2, AAV-Hu.3, AAV-Hu.6, AAV-Hu.10, AAV-Hu.11, AAV-Hu.13, AAV-Hu.15, AAV-Hu.16, AAV-Hu.17, AAV-Hu.18, AAV-Hu.19, AAV-Hu.20, AAV-Hu.37, AAV-Hu.45, AAV-Hu.47, AAV-Hu.48, AAV-Hu.49, AAV-Hu.52, AAV-Hu.58, 
  • Isolation AAVhu68, AAVhu69, AAVhu70, AAVhu71.74, AAVhu72 ,AAVhu73, AAVhu74.71, AAVhu75, AAVhu76, AAVhu77, AAVhu78.88, AAVhu79, AAVhu80, AAVhu81, AAVhu82, AAVhu83, AAVhu84, AAVhu86, AAVhu87, AAVhu88.78, AAVhu89, AAVhu90, AAVhu91, AAVhu92,  
  • Isolation hu.T17, hu.T32, hu.T40, hu.T41,Hu.S17, AAVv66, PAK56, Hu.LG15
  • Isolation  hu.Lvr01, hu.Lvr02, hu.Lvr03, hu.Lvr04, hu.Lvr05, hu.Lvr06, hu.Lvr07, 
  • Isolation CVR_1, CVR_2, CVR_3, CVR_4, CVR_5, CVR_6, CVR_7 
  • Isolation JBL1,JBL2, JBL3, JBL4,JBL5
  • Isolation JBB1, JBB2, JBB3,  JBB4,  JBB6,  JBB7,  JBB8, JBB9, JBB11, JBB12, JBB13
  • Isolation CONB23, CONB36, CONB37, CONB39, CONS3, CONS6
  • CHC129, CHC163, CHC217, CHC367, CHC371, CHC387, CHC442, CHC471, CHC473, CHC508, CHC667, CHC668, CHC685, CHC704, CHC714, CHC767, CHC777, CHC790, CHC790, CHC877, CHC976, CHC985, CHC1010, CHC1017, CHC1020, CHC1024, CHC1024, CHC1158, CHC1260, CHC1273, CHC1286, CHC1286, CHC1343, CHC1350, CHC1449, CHC1449, CHC1534, CHC1570, CHC1591, CHC1602, CHC1704, CHC1919, CHC2040, CHC2087, CHC2102, CHC2107, CHC2112, CHC2128, CHC2141, CHC2206, CHC2208, CHC2320, CHC2497, CHC2557, CHC2731, CHC2806, CHC3013, CHC3086, CHC3142, CHC3511, CHC3765

3. AAV Isolated from non-human primate: 

  • AAVbb.1,AAVbb.2, AAVcy.2,AAVcy.3,AAVcy.4,AAVcy.5,AAVcy.6.
  • AAVpi.1, AAVpi.2, AAVpi.3.
  • AAVrh.2,AAVrh.8, AAVrh.10,AAVrh.12, AAVrh.13, AAVrh.14, AAVrh.16, AAVrh.17, AAVrh.18, AAVrh.19, AAVrh.22, AAVrh.23, AAVrh.24, AAVrh.32, AAVrh.32.33, AAVrh.33, AAVrh.34, AAVrh.35, AAVrh.36, AAVrh.37
  • AAVrh75, AAVrh76, AAVrh77, AAVrh78, AAVrh79, AAVrh81, AAVrh82, AAVrh83, AAVrh84, AAVrh85, AAVrh86, AAVrh87, AAVrh89, AAVrh90, AAVrh91, AAVrh92, AAVrh93, AAVrh94 

  • KN01_S1, KN02_S2, KN03_S3, KN04_S4, KN05_S5, KN06_S6, KN07_S7, KN08_S8, KN09_S9, KN10_S10, KN11_S11, KN12_S12, KN13_S13, KN14_S14, KN15_S15, KN16_S16, KN17_S17, KN18_S18, KN19_S19, KN20_S20, KN21_S21, KN22_S22, KN23_S23, KN24_S24, KN25_S25, KN26_S26, KN27_S27, KN28_S28, KN29_S29, KN30_S30, KN31_S31, KN32_S32, KN33_S33, KN34_S34, KN35_S35, KN36_S36, KN37_S37, KN38_S38, KN39_S39, KN40_S40, KN41_S41, KN42_S42, KN43_S43, KN44_S44, KN45_S45, KN46_S46, KN47_S47, KN48_S48, KN49_S49, KN50_S50, KN51_S51, KN52_S52, KN53_S53, KN54_S54, KN55_S55, KN56_S56, KN57_S57, KN58_S58, KN59_S59, KN60_S60, KN61_S61, KN62_S62, KN63_S63, KN64_S64, KN65_S65, KN66_S66, KN67_S67, KN68_S68, KN69_S69, KN70_S70, KN71_S71, KN72_S72,  KN73_S73, KN74_S74, KN75_S75, KN76_S76, KN77_S77, KN78_S78, KN79_S79, KN80_S80, KN81_S81, KN82_S82

4. AAV Isolated from other species: 

  • AAV Isolated from Rat: AAV-ra.1, stain YY.12, YY.25, YY.54, YY.78, YY.80, YY.93, XM.70, GZ.512, HD.16,HD.20, HD.43, HD.94, MLP.6, MLP.26
  • AAV isolated from Porcine/pig: AAVpo1, AAVpo2.1, AAVpo4, AAVpo5, AAVpo6, AAVpo7, AAVpo8.
  •  AAV-Isolated from Goat: AAV-Go1
  • AAV isolated from Avian: Strain VR-865, DA-1, YZ-1, ZN1,BR_DF12, RS/BR/15/1R, GA/1360/1994. 
  • AAV-isolated from Bat: Strain 09YN, 1285, 10HB, 07YN ,YNM.
  • AAV Isolated from Bovine: BAAV, isolate BSRI1

5.Engineering AAV capsids

  • Tyrosine (Y) to phenylalanine (F):
    • AAV2: Y252F,  Y272F, Y444F, Y500F, Y700F, Y704F,Y730F
    • AAV3: Y701F, Y705F and Y731F
    • AAV5: Y263F, Y719F
    • AAV6: Y445F, F731F
    • AAV8: Y447, 733F
    • AAV9: Y446F, Y731F
  • Tissue specific AAV capsids
    • Muscle: AAVmyo, AAVmyo2, AAVmyo3, myoAAV-1A, myoAAV-2A, myoAAV-3A, myoAAV-4A, AAV587MTP, AAVM41, AAV9.45, AAV9.61
    • Retina: AAV2-HBKO, AAV2-7M8, AAV2.GL, AAV2.NN, AAV44.9,  AAV44.9(E531D), AAV8BP2, AAV6-K531E-R576Q-K493S-K459S, AAV9.GL, AAV9.NN ,ShH10
    • Liver: AAVhum.8, AAV-L2-10, AAV3B-DE5, AAV-KP1, AAV-DJ, AAV-DJ-K137R/T251A/S503A, AAV3-S663V-T492V, AAVrh10, Spark100, AAVrh74, AAV-SL65
    • Crossing blood brain barrier(BBB): AAV-PHP.B, AAV-PHP.eB, AAV-PHP.S, AAV.CAP-B10, AAV-F, AAV-S, AAV-PHP.Cs, AAV-PHP.C2, AAV 9P31, AAV-MaCPNS1 ,AAV-MaCPNS2 ,AAV.CPP.16, AAV.CPP.21, AAV9.HR, AAV-B1, AAV/Olig001 ,AAV-AS , AAV-BR1, AAV-ShH10, AAV-ShH10Y445F, AAV Retrograde, AAV1/2 hybrid, AAV.GTX, AAV-Cap-B22, PHP.B1, PHP.B2, PHP.B3, AAV1RX, AAV-True Type (AAV-TT), AAV-PHP.V ,AAV-PHP.C , AAV-PHP.N, AAV9_A2, AAV1_P5, VCAP-101, d VCAP-102, AAV8-THR.


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